2010 Notes

-4c with a hard frost and light covering of snow over the evening of 16th December .

The College Barn Farm badgers emerged last night and found the treats that I had hidden for them( as they have over the past 2 weeks ) turning over rocks and large logs, scaling the badger climbing frame trees in their efforts to find the elusive peanuts. ( I do NOT make it easy for them to get a meal)

As I walked my two Springer Spaniels in the early part of this morning’s dawn Poppy the puppy espied her first fallow deer,there were four of them in amongst the tree plantation surrounding the badger’s setts. They were all about the same size and black in colour, so they stood out very well against a white background. The deer seemed quite calm and gently moved around us keeping around 30 meters away from the dogs, but staying within the confines of the trees. I thought that seeing the deer an excellent result for a gloomy morning walk until I approached our orchard where I spotted a kestrel hovering over prey just as the first field fares were coming into the apple trees for an early morning feed. When I arrived at our orchard I found three roe deer feeding on fallen apples, they soon exited the area as did we in the hope that they would have the rest of the day in peace to eat the enormous amount of apples still laying under our apple trees.

A Happy Christmas to all or vistors and supporters from all of us at College Barn Farm

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