2010 Notes

Monday 20th December a night to remember!  A temperature l-18c  was recorded here last night.

When I walked my dogs at 7 am the temperature had risen to -14c  

There was no badger emergence last night.

Tuesday 21st -8c during the day and warming up to -6c at night

While walking my dogs at 7am I saw 9 fallow deer ,the herd contained two stags(with impressive antlers) and a near albino doe which is obviously the three year old offspring of one of the two old albinos that have been in this are for the past 8 years. I also saw three roe deer around our mobile home feeding on the fallen apples and barley that I put out for them.

The raptors are starting to hunt in the dark; I saw a kestrel and a buzzard this morning out hunting in the gloom that precedes dawn.

There was no badger emergence last night.

Wednesday 22nd December intermittent snow showers -4c  200 mm of lying snow.

There was a badger emergence last night it looked to be only for a drink and a body cleanse.

I am seeing roe deer every day at all times of the day; I guess the attraction is the barley I am leaving out for them. I am also refilling our wild bird feeders every 48 hours.

We still have apples attached to our trees one of which seems to have stolen a “Father Christmas” hat. (see below)


Thursday December 24th -2c overcast, no wind, intermittent snow showers with snow  and ice now everywhere.

There was a badger emergence last night with a badger or two wandering a little further afield, lots of badger, fox, deer and rabbit spoor in the lying snow. The fox was being very brave and walking across our frozen ponds possibly looking for the moorhens which left us for the safety of a nearby brook and the food in the running water last week. I spotted 4 fallow deer in our plantation of trees on this morning’s walk at a distance of 15 metres .

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