2010 Notes

Thursday 30th December, temp +4c, foggy and damp

The badger emergence started once the temperature rose last Monday (27th December) with the badgers taking treats from all areas of their Arial climbing frame despite it being covered in snow.

While the badgers stayed pretty much underground from 18th-24th December the roe and fallow deer managed to eat about 300-400 lbs of barley that I had left out for them. (While looking around the snow capped landscape it did not take me many seconds to realise that the deer would have NO other form of sustenance) Fieldfares have just about demolished the apples that remained on our trees while all members of the tit family enjoyed the contents of the bird feeders with various other avian types like robins and dunock’s that do not normally  use the feeders joining in.

While most of our wildlife has lived through the start to this year’s winter we still have January and February 2011 to get through, lets us hope that the really cold weather has come and gone.

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