2011 Notes

Weather mild wet and windy

An interesting uneventful night at the badger sett situated at the bottom of our field overnight. When I picked up the memory card (in a howling gale with rain lashing down this morning) I inspected the content and noticed a badger had been to see if I had left any rewards (photo1)  but seemingly 3 hours later than the previous evening, just to make sure the badger  came back again much later to have another look (photo 2,  note times)  none of the logs had been disturbed nor the slate top to the metal container buried in the ground there was however an inch round hole between the slate top and the container where a mouse had obviously been very busy making the hole  in the soil and then emptying the badgers rewards from the container. The badger obviously relied on its sense of smell and did not disturb any of the loge etc as it knew from the lack of any scent there were no rewards (peanuts) in the container.


photo 2

I have fixed the slate top today and it now fits snuggly on top of the container.

It seems that my stealth camera works well during the day as well, how many fieldfares feeding on the fallen apples can you count in the photograph above?

Double click on the image to full size it


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