2011 Notes

I used my stealth camera to photograph and video a badger on the tree that bridges our pond. To see the video click on “videos” link at the top of the page, while watching the video one has to remember that the badger is in total darkness (with very poor eyesight ) and is using scent and hearing to traverse the log and indeed manages to turn around and run back to the supporting logs. The photograph below shows another badger (which is a different badger to the one in the video)  just as it turns with a good view of the badgers tail which is not normally seen so distinctively.

Yesterday I saw 4 roe deer on my my morning dog walk and 13 fallow deer on my evening dog walk. (all of them were present on our farm.)

There were three fallow stags (one of which looked as if it was the offspring of the albino fallow doe)  the albino was among the 10 doe’s present and has been around here for 7 years or more she stands out so well being white, in fact I can see her as I write this post at 3.15pm in a field on the opposite side of the valley with around 6 other fallow deer

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