The badger emergence is erratic at the moment to say the least,one evening 8.30pm the next evening 11pm.

I am seeing quite a few recent deer spoor of all sizes in the clay of our newly dug ponds, I do not however see the deer very often.

I had many small birds feeding out on my lawn and in the field next door this morning including linnets green finches and gold finches I spent 15 minutes watching them continually on the move, so much so that it was difficult to keep track of them.

 Dandelions are still flowering as is Keck (see below) I also have raspberries ready to pick and flowering tomato plants outside the greenhouse, winter what winter?

 I have never known a November so mild.

It has been so misty during the night over the past week that the badgers have looked like ghosts on my videos.

We did however get a very good looking colourful bird visit the badger feeding area (see below)


Always on the move and a very hardy water bird  but a damson eater??  I would have said NO

the video below says YES and enjoying it too oth Moorhems badgers and deer enjoy our soft fruit for 5 months of the year



The strongest and hardest working animal on our farm (below)


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