2012 Notes

I put another bale of straw out for the badgers to change their bedding last night and put a camera or two in position to see if they would take advantage of a  dry day yesterday.

The badger has an uncanny sense for the future weather, I think that they can sense high and low pressure and the weather that each tends to bring.

I wonder if they knew there would be an early morning fall of  snow.

Below is a close up video of a badger changing (adding to) its bedding.

I did not dream that the camera would pickup a close up  photograph and a video (albeit a  very short video) of an animal that I would never have dreamed being where it was filmed!

The Otter is back

Two videos below of the effort that badgers  expend to obtain a handful of peanuts and to stop  being film stars

Do badgers play before Christmas? I know the answer watch the video below to find out

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