2012 Notes

The badger emergence is between 10pm to 11.45pm… they are back in their sett by about 5 am.

There are signs that at least three unused sett entrances are now being used, I will be moving my camera around them over the next week to see what is using the sett, hopefully it will  be a pregnant sow badger.

I serviced our old barn owl box yesterday and removed a fair amount of debris including owl pellets and a long dead young blue rock pidgeon. I left the cleaning aperture to the box open all afternoon to air and dry out the interior before adding some dry saw dust and short straw. The barn owls now have the choice of two comfortable homes here.

While the weather has been really wet it has been fairly mild which has helped most of the wild animals and birds, we have had around 2000 rooks, jackdaws, crows on our barley stubbles along with about 30 blue rock pidgeons a few ravens, a covey of 7 english partridge and around 15 -20 pheasants on a daily basis. The smaller varieties of wild bird are inumerable, I am surprised that they all manage to find somethng worth eating on a daily basis as they have been gleaning the stubbles for 3 months.

The handsome  fox has been here every night for several weeks looking for a dinner of  road kill, last night the fox tried the spahgetti in tomato sauce that is positioned next to the stoat in the image below as well as the road kill.

We had a visit from a stoat yesterday (double click on the image to full size it)

The stoat looking for mice

The stoat looking for mice

The stoat in a big  hurry                   

The fox helping itself to road kill     

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