2013 notes

The badgers emerge around 6.30pm, the weather is warm, wet and very windy!

last evening there were gusts around 70 mph!  while the  very brave badger in the video below was feeding off a few peanuts on one of our pine logs 10 feet in the air at 8.30pm.

The badger was very low on the log with it’s tummy down on the log. I have seen badgers in February doing what I call the “badger creep” along logs in high winds and rain and never seen one put a foot wrong  yet while doing it.


As our badger watch draws to a close ( on 4th November for 2013) I would like to thank all of our visitors over the past 10 months  for their input to our badger-watch and look forward to welcoming all of the visitors who have booked to visit the badgers at  College Barn Farm in 2014 our 26th year of badger-watch.

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