2013 Notes

The badger emergence was at 10.52 pm last evening, earlier in the week it was around 6pm, so a very variable badger emergence.
A very wet week just passed with high winds and significant rainfall.
Below are two short videos the first video is of an argument between a carrion crow and a buzzard over who gets to eat a road kill rabbit.
I put the rabbit and camera out 24 hours earlier and nothing touched the rabbit for 24 hours or more, however at least 4 different badgers found and investigated it on the first evening. The following day the crows and the buzzard took turns in feeding off it and then after dark there was one other visitor during the night she is captured on the second video below.(this camera has sound and picks up the protestations of the crow very well) the date and time are incorrect and no longer adjustable the video was taken 27th Dec 2013

The buzzard seemingly impervious to the rain.

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