2014 Notes

The North wind doth blow and it is now noticeably cooler!
Our springer Spaniel pups have performed very well in their 8weeks and 4 days of life see image below (click on the image to full size it)

We are off to see Father Christmas

We are off to see Father Christmas

Buzzards took several days to find the pheasant in the video below that I picked up on an evening dog walk

A short video of close up fallow deer in daylight yesterday.

A muntjac joins the apple feeding frenzy in daylight

Another day another view of the mutjac back here for more apples!!

My friend the largest of all the fallow deer stags that have visited College Barn Farm, (that I know of) has injured his front left leg

A close up in the video below of my old friend the albino fallow deer, she was here early this morning with 11 other fallow deer including at least 3 of her fawns from previous years.

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