2015 Notes

The earliest badger emergence for months, the “little badger” arrived outside our “running water hide at 5.23pm last evening (just before the rain started) and moved the stone cover off one of the feeding bowls! The stone cover would have been close to the weight of the “little badger” (see video below)

The two badgers in the video below arrived an hour later which was an hour too late!!!

I cleared our Kestrel nesting box of Pidgeon nests yesterday along with the “Old Barn Owl box” and I thought while I had the sun over my shoulder I would clean the “little Owl” nesting box out as well. I HAD A MASSIVE SUPRISE WHEN I LIFTED THE ROOF OF IT

The content of the "Little Owl" Nesting Box

The content of the “Little Owl” Nesting Box

Click on the image twice to enlarge it

It is of course now a Bee Hive, I gently replaced the lid and secured it,the badgers will not be able to get to it 18feet up a large Ash tree

Two badgers meet

Another albino fallow deer?

It is a delight for me to see the deer enjoying what would have been a wasted apple crop, during the day there are redwings etc all helping eat the fallen apples.
Last evening was particularly busy

Fallow deer love applaes

Fallow deer love apples

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