2016 Notes

May 9thth 2016
A pair of swallows arrived back here on the 4th May and immediately started looking around the inside of one of our barns for a nest site.
The two sets of badger cubs on our north part of the farm are progressing well, lots of play fights and following their mothers a little way from the setts looing for food.
Video below: The 3 badger cubs become much more active chasing each other around and play fighting

Video below: A badger cub is now aware of a flying insect

Video below: The badger cubs start looking/scraping for food

April 28th 2016
The badger sett on our northern boundary seems stable with the exception of the cubs emerging mid afternoon!!
see the first two videos below.

The next two videos depicts a badger war around one of our watched setts, the war has been going on all week (no badger cubs seen here yet no surprise there)

April 24th 2016
The badger cub in the other sett has two siblings (see video below)

April 23rd 2016
The badger cubs get stronger by the night! I have also spotted another badger cub in a sett close by this sett.

19th April 2016
After a couple of days and nights of “rough” weather the badger cubs emerged again for a longer period and looking stronger/more active
(take no notice of the times on the camera damp/water is not good for electronics and has altered the time)

This years cubs out and about again

This years cubs out and about again

15th April 2016

A truly wonderful sight from one of our satellite badger setts!!

The first badger cubs I have seen this year

The first badger cubs I have seen this year

(click on the image around three times to full size it)

This sett last year produced the first emerging badger cub this year after a warm winter at least three badger cubs have been produced.
I only set the camera outside the sett yesterday.

Hopefully there will be many more videos of this years badger cubs to come.

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