2017 Notes

14th February 2017
The badgers are out and about, 14 fallow deer were here yesterday (including whitey),Brown hares, foxes and many many small varieties of wild birds and a Fox see video below!!

3rd February 2017
I heard a Robin and a Thrush singing this morning while on my morning dog walk, I then when I had completed my dog walk checked the contents of last nights wildlife activity and if you watch the video below you may agree with me that we may have some late badger cubs or as the badgers normally give birth late January the female already has cubs and has come into season already!!

This is only the second time in 20plus years that I have seen badgers mating
26th January 2017
The weather is cold and overcast.. however it has not stopped the wildlife just made them a little less cagey (triple click on the image below to full size it)
I have not seen one of these here very often!!guess what it is I have not seen one of these here very often!!guess what it is
The otter heads for Traitors Ford

A badger climbs a tree trunk looking for food

13th January 2017
The Badger emergence is now between 5.30pm and 4am or not at all, they were around last night and the effort they make to obtain the peanuts is amazing as is the effort of the Red Fox climbing up the sloping tree to a height off the ground of 10 feet, to steal the buzzards and other raptors food (see videos below)
1st video is a close up of “whitey” the fallow deer who has been around here for years

2nd video is the red fox

3rd video is the start of the badger emergence

4th video is the continuing effort to obtain peanuts

5th video shows a total success in obtaining access to all of the peanuts ..even if the last of them were stolen by another badger!!

The badger emergence is anywhere between 6pm and 3am!
The buzzards are still obtaining a meal of venison from the three deer (2 Roe and a muntjac) I picked up from Traitors Ford on Boxing day.(They had been shot and dumped) I have seen Red Kites fly over but the remains have not attracted them or any other predator apart from a Robin.

The camera’s are busy and I could not resist uploading the short video below (even tho the quality is poor) it is showing a very young muntjac calf following its mum on a nightly visit to feed on our grass and fallen apples.

A Jay leaf turning looking for food.

A red fox in daylight clearing up a pot of humous…ugh it must be hungry!

1st January 2017
A Buzzard comes to visit our feeding platform (triple click on the image to full size it)

In a bit of a flap

In a bit of a flap

1st January 2017

We also have a large flock of Fieldfares eating the fallen cooking apples along with pigeons, green woodpeckers and blackbirds.

25th December 2016
The Christmas day badgers getting an early meal,the three videos below are one after the other time wise:

Christmas badgers finding a few peanuts

An adult hungry red fox inspects one of our northern badger sett entrances (in the video below)

A covey of English Partridges visit the badger arena

A good job the fox in the video below did not meet up with the Partridges, he was not far away.

19th December 2016
The badger emergence has once again become more regular timing wise and is now around 7.45pm instead of anywhere from 9pm to 4am, what caused the disruption I am not sure but the first video below may be indicative of the ongoing infighting between two cete’s of badgers.

Two badgers from the closest badger sett below

10th December 2016
The badger emergence is anytime between 7pm and 2am with the dominant boar badgers being the last badger out of the sett
I was pleased to see 5 adult moorhens together on one of our ponds (in the video below) I was beginning to think that they had left as the ponds seemed devoid of moorhens every time I walked past! However they must have been hiding in the cover surrounding the ponds.

I was surprised to see an adult fox eat part of a crab apple in the video below.

A Muntjac makes hard work of eating one of the larger crab apples that had recently fallen from a tree.

5th December 2015
A brief video of a healthy looking red fox out in day light and camera shy!

A very large (probably a boar) badger making short work of moving a part tree trunk from the badger peanut store

27th November 2016
A deer evening last night with the badger emergence between 6.15 and 7.15 pm

Whitey and one of her family on their way to the fallen apples outside our Mobile Home

A close up of a young fallow deer tucking in

11th Nov 2016
BBC request for ‘HIDDEN WILDLIFE’ – Badger watch
if you want to watch it the badger watch feature is about 2.5 minutes from the start

A vey lucky mouse in the video below

A fallow deer night last night with a great video of a stag

and the followers in the herd

10th November 2016
A close up of a fox “marking” the spot!!

The Badger emergence was 6.59pm lots of badger activity until 4.30am also a visit from a roe deer and her not very old fawn
7th November 2016
Two badgers in the video below out in front of our “running Water” hide on Bonfire night, 3 hours before I expected them to emerge due to the absence of any local fireworks and a chilly north wind. In fact the wildlife caught on camera on the 5th November contained Fallow, Roe and Muntjac deer, two foxes, several Badgers and a grey Heron (who occasionally visits our ponds overnight) so a normal night for the wildlife I am pleased to say.

4th November 2016
A close up of a healthy looking badger outside its sett which is under a bush in a remote part of our farm

3rd November 2016
The badger emergence is 6.45pm until 5th November when it will be around 10pm unless it is a wet night!!
We had an unwanted visitor the night before last:
Mink or feral Polecat Mink or feral Polecat [/caption]
We also had a very welcome visitor (Photo below)

What a superb young deer

What a superb young deer

The young deer kisses my camera
This years pheasants have now reached maturity

13th October 2016

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