2017 Notes

18th September 2017

The badger emergence is now between 9pm and 11pm depending on the weather with the badgers seeemingly ULTRA CAUTIOUS
A barn owl was seen by one of our recent visitors in an owl box in daylight situated on our boundary by our smallest pond

the barn owl in the entrance to its box

the barn owl in the entrance to its box

Many thanks “Mo” for sharing you experience and the photograph.

The badger emergence is around 10.35pm
The August “Badger Dance”
(in the video below)

A Muntjac fawn in the video below gives its mum a lot of exercise!!!

A badger shows its strength and determination in the video below to obtain a hand full of peanuts

Two of this years badger cubs play fighting on the bank of our smallest pond.

A mallard duck with at least 5 ducklings on its way to the local brook (a field away) visits our smallest and last pond on the farm for a feed and a rest before setting off across a bare grass field to the river Sib (brook).

A Brown Hare in “good condition” on the bank of one of our top ponds.

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

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