2019 Notes

29th April 2019
A badger last night in the video below finding peanuts that I had hidden earlier on in the evening on one of our “badger playground” trees! They obviously have a wonderful sense of smell

Another badger on one of the other trees in the “badger playground” also finding peanuts (In the video below)

A good close up of the tawny owl (in the video below) sitting on the same tree a little later after the badger had gone, probably awaiting a visit from a mouse.

The clock times on the above videos above should be ignored as they are NOT correct
25th April 2019
The badger last night seemed adept at climbing on to the tree to get a few peanuts.

On the tree looking for peanuts

On the tree looking for peanuts

A Tawny Owl (a frequent visitor) also uses the feeding tree to catch mice
The Tawny Owl looking for food

The Tawny Owl looking for food

The Owl did not stay very long

21st April 2019
I am pleased to say that there have been badgers visiting our badger watch site early every evening (around 9 pm to 9.30 pm every evening for the past two months.
The badgers on our North farm boundary have produced three cubs which emerged for the first time at the beginning of the week (see the short video’s below)

There are as usual two entrances to the Badger Sett below is the video taken last night (20.04.2019)

The bird life at the moment is ecstatic with bird song early every morning and constant showing off by most male species trying to win there partners, I watched three Skylarks yesterday for 15 minutes and have never before seen such a flying display.

It looks like the badgers are using our designated area once again with at least two badgers at once arriving together and performing a pre mating act in front of one of our cameras (see still photo and video link below)

Getting very friendly

Getting very friendly

The badgers in the video below are hungry!! and I believe that they are also in the video above.

On my early morning dog walks (now 7 am) I am listening to Blackbirds and thrushes starting to sing an early morning delight for me.

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