2022 Notes

Badger Cub Update:
This years cubs are getting a lot larger, however they still have a lot to learn! In the below videos you can see them playing with each other outside their family home:

April 13, 2022
Badger Cub Update:
We have finally had some video footage of this years badger cubs. In the below video we can see the sow from our previous video along with her 3 cubs emerging from the sett.

April 1, 2022
Badger Updates:
Below we can see a sow surfacing from one of the badger setts along the top border of our farm in mid march. If you look closely you can see she has visible teats which means she likely has cubs – Although we have not had video footage of them just yet!

Water Wildlife Updates:
We currently have four wild ducks that visit our ponds daily to feed. Here we can see them socialising between the two ponds along with an appearance from a moorhen

Otter Spotted! We have been having a late night visitor to our ponds in the past month – which is lovely to see as they are not common

Otter Spotted

Otter Spotted

Otter Spotted

Otter Spotted

Other Wildlife Updates:
We have had lots of fallow deer & muntjac visiting recently, with the occasional roe deer making an appearance too.
Below we can see a group of 5 fallow deer taking a stroll through one of our wooded areas.

Birds of prey are magnificent creatures – We have a pair of red kites soaring over the farm daily, along with buzzards & kestrels. Below we can see a buzzard caught on camera by one of our deer feeders.

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