2002 Photos

2013 Notes

The badger emergence is now between 6.30 pm and midnight!!
There is nowhere near the badger feeding activity being picked up on my outlying cameras where as bringing a couple of cameras closer to the badger setts has shown a distinct change in their behaviour.
There are far more comings and goings from the badger sett with badgers very wary of the slightest noise, the wariness of the badgers is I think due to anĀ interloping boar badger. TheĀ  female badgers and this years cubs dive for the cover provided by their setts if the interloper appears anywhere within hearing or scent range.

This was the second load of fresh bedding taken down the sett.

Grooming is a very important part of the badgers life, apart from dispensing with a few ticks and fleas the association is most important.

No human could move this quickly!!

Killed by Heron

The 7oz Roach killed by a grey Heron in one of our ponds

Mice and Badgers

Thank you Alisa for all of the above photographs