2011 Notes

2011 Notes

I saw a kingfisher on one of our ponds that still has water in it today, the most fleeting of glances and the second time I have seen one this year an absolute delight to see it.

Badgers are generally out of their setts from around from 11pm until 3am the next morning but out on their own, until the night before last when my camera took the following images on its last remaining 10 seconds of battery power:


The image below is the partner to the Cock Pheasant in my previous post


The badger emergence is erratic at the moment to say the least,one evening 8.30pm the next evening 11pm.

I am seeing quite a few recent deer spoor of all sizes in the clay of our newly dug ponds, I do not however see the deer very often.

I had many small birds feeding out on my lawn and in the field next door this morning including linnets green finches and gold finches I spent 15 minutes watching them continually on the move, so much so that it was difficult to keep track of them.

 Dandelions are still flowering as is Keck (see below) I also have raspberries ready to pick and flowering tomato plants outside the greenhouse, winter what winter?

 I have never known a November so mild.

It has been so misty during the night over the past week that the badgers have looked like ghosts on my videos.

We did however get a very good looking colourful bird visit the badger feeding area (see below)


Always on the move and a very hardy water bird  but a damson eater??  I would have said NO

the video below says YES and enjoying it too oth Moorhems badgers and deer enjoy our soft fruit for 5 months of the year



The strongest and hardest working animal on our farm (below)


2011 Notes

The badger emergence is now  late, (not unusual for November) around 11pm and sometimes  later with more badgers around the farm on their own, bed time for the badgers seems to be around 5am. I find it interesting that the badgers are stil eating damson plums which (due to lack of frost ) keep falling daiy from the trees I planted some years ago. The badgers(and other wldlife) now obtain cherries and plums from early July to November 5 months.


(above) A badger in good condition out on the rocks infront of our “running water” hide

 It is still mild here with little rain over the past two weeks so our two reconstructed “desilted ponds” are still empty.

Today I was really pleased to see a family of long tailed tits (six of them) skitting through our trees, a kestrel, 3 flying swans, countless Canada Geese and many other smaller species of birds just too far away for me to recognise.

2011 Notes

The first badger emerged just before 8pm last evening, the badger activity at this time of the year seems to be  most of the night with badgers in “ones’ and two’s” with the last badger going to bed at 6am.

We have cleaned and deepened our two ponds just before it rained last night, it was a close run thing as any digging machine of any weight finds it impossible to extract itself from a wet clay lined pond!!

The photograph below shows Lincoln starting the “de silting” of the pond on Monday morning.

Click on the image to full size it

Lincoln starting the desilting of our largest pond

Two days later the pond is cleared and deepened

 To see Lincoln in action click on the three short videos below showing the start of the work to the finish of it


Many thanks to Lincoln for his effort over the past three days