2011 Notes

2011 Notes

Rain at last! it rained here all day yesterday it was our first descent rain fall  in months.

A young grey wagtail was feeding on our patio yesterday, a delight to see it as we normally only see the Pied wagtail which seems to stay here 12 months of the years. (Feeding mainly off bugs on our tiled roof)

Our badgers are going into winter in good condition (see below) many many thanks to Richard Steel who took the following exceptional photographs of badgers here last week, staying up until 2 am to do so!! (click on the image to full size it)

Just look at my thite teeth and we do not use tooth paste

It is 2 am ! you humans should be in bed

Yes I am in very good condition thanks to all the visitors feeding me

Many thanks to Richard Steel for sending me copies of his photograhs for our web site for everyone to see

Many thanks to Richard Steel for sending copies of his photograhs for everyone to see

2011 Notes

  The badger emergence occured at dusk last evening, before the badgers emerged muntjac, roe deer and a large fallow deer stag with formidable antlers put in an appearance.

 The badgers seen sharing the man made badger sett with a fox in my previous post have now excluded the fox who seems to have left rather allot of fleas to torment the badgers. (see below)


2011 Notes

  A wild wildlife weekend!! the badger emergence started at dusk with the badgers being visited by 3 muntjac, Roe and fallow deer, a tawny owl flew in and perched on one of the badgers climbing frame tree trunks and surveyed the ongoing activity for several minutes, hares, and a fox also put in an appearance and all before 12 midnight when our visitors went to bed.

The badgers however went to bed at 6.25am.

The continual lack of rain is starting to get worrying a photograph of our largest pond is below: (click on image to fullsize)


 The first badger was emerged at 7.38pm last night, on a still warm October evening. The badger emergence over the past two weeks has been erratic to say the least I had an evening wildlife watching from our running water hide the first badger appeared at 8.05 pm closely followed by two other badgers with all three disappearing into the woodland presumably for a drink and to clean themselves, they all reappeared at the sett by 8.50pm.

Our visitors last week spotted a gold crest, when they told me I said yes “I saw several feeding on the dandelion seed on our lawn” our visitors looked surprised!! It was not until later on that I realised what I had said.  I actually saw goldfinches’ not goldcrest’s , I have not knowingly seen a goldcrest, I am however delighted that our visitors have seen at least one here.

Last night was a varied wildlife evening with images of two muntjac deer, a fox, several badgers, a grey squirrel and a roe deer all recorded on my stealth camera.

 We have not had rain this summer and  any where near enough rain this summer, so little rain that the ground water level has been depleted  so much that the spring feeding my ponds has  very nearly ceased to run, causing the last two ponds to dry completely out.

This has never happened before since our family bought the farm in 1962 

Three of last night’s visitors on video below: