2012 Notes

2012 Notes


We had a visit the day before yesterday from a hungry Buzzard and two very hungry Jays


2012 Notes

The badger emergence started around 6 pm with badgers “to and fro” up until about 3 am on what was a very foggy -5c night.

The dominant boar badger seems to be the last to check out the peanut reservoir around midnight only to find it empty… maybe he is not looking for peanuts  but checking out who has been on his territory.

I am pleased to report that the barn owl box that I finished building about a month ago is now in position thanks to Lincoln (my contractor) who makes driving a digger (or any other machine ) look like a work of art.

Lincoln dug a hole with his smallest mini digger and erected the barn owl box into position with the digger yesterday afternoon, the whole operation went according to plan with no slips or adjustments needed with the absolute minimum of equipment. (click on the image to full size it)

The new barn owl box in position

A short video showing the location of the barn owl box within the surrounding countryside is shown below.

2012 Notes

I put another bale of straw out for the badgers to change their bedding last night and put a camera or two in position to see if they would take advantage of a  dry day yesterday.

The badger has an uncanny sense for the future weather, I think that they can sense high and low pressure and the weather that each tends to bring.

I wonder if they knew there would be an early morning fall of  snow.

Below is a close up video of a badger changing (adding to) its bedding.

I did not dream that the camera would pickup a close up  photograph and a video (albeit a  very short video) of an animal that I would never have dreamed being where it was filmed!

The Otter is back

Two videos below of the effort that badgers  expend to obtain a handful of peanuts and to stop  being film stars

Do badgers play before Christmas? I know the answer watch the video below to find out

2012 Notes

The badger emergence is currently around 5 pm with lots of early activity between the badger setts. Looking at the many images and videos every morning I am pleased to say that I have not seen a badger that either looks unhealthy or in any other way damaged.

The video below depicts two of this years badger cubs frolicking,  note the scent marking from the exiting male badger on the incoming badger  (toward the end of the video)

Close up video of the elusive red fox  this is not the same fox that was here a week or so ago.