2013 Notes

2013 Notes

2nd December 2013

Following on from the romantic badger video another video showing true love is just a mouse click away below



It is now 1st December,  I found a small dead bird this morning by one of our badger hides I thought it was a chaffinch as I had never seen one of this type of small bird up close before on closer inspection I now think it is a bullfinch not a brambling

Brambling with no sign of what killed it

Bullfinch with no sign of what killed it










Below is another video  of fallow deer in our orchard less than 5 metres form our mobile home which will update the previous two videos.

The video contains in the background  a fallow deer stag with massive antlers and is obviously the dominant stag inn the herd which contained 7 fallow deer that I could identify on the video, there was however on the previous video an adult muntjac with the fallow deer.

28.11.2013 The weather is mild and just a little damp with limited visibility due to low cloud cover.

I am seeing roe and fallow deer during daylight hours with our cameras also picking them up at night
This fallow deer stag gets around, the eyes in the background belong to one of his female friends and to impress her watch what does
he do? wee on the fallen apples!!


I will let everyone know the results of  the video below next March or April


2013 Notes

The badger emergence has come back to around 6.30 pm with five badgers in the video below competing for 2 hands full of peanuts.

We are being visited by fallow deer and muntjac every evening with a once a week visit by a pair of roe deer all after young grass and over ripe apples.

I spotted a pair of woodcock in our wood during the past week, my guess is they have migrated in from either Scandinavian or Russia

2013 Notes

The badger emergence is now between 6.30 pm and midnight!!
There is nowhere near the badger feeding activity being picked up on my outlying cameras where as bringing a couple of cameras closer to the badger setts has shown a distinct change in their behaviour.
There are far more comings and goings from the badger sett with badgers very wary of the slightest noise, the wariness of the badgers is I think due to an interloping boar badger. The  female badgers and this years cubs dive for the cover provided by their setts if the interloper appears anywhere within hearing or scent range.

This was the second load of fresh bedding taken down the sett.

Grooming is a very important part of the badgers life, apart from dispensing with a few ticks and fleas the association is most important.

No human could move this quickly!!

2013 Notes

The badger emergence has moved from 6.45pm to 9.45pm  it will be interesting to see if this emergence pattern continues or maybe there was something around that disturbed the badgers and thereby affected their emergence.

I have personally seen some very large fallow deer stags (one had 12 points on his antlers)  here recently they varied in colour from brown to black.
My guess is that they were looking for females as the “rut” is on and the noises emerging from Traitors Ford cover would confirm the fact.

The badgers in the videos below were interesting to watch as they gather minute amounts of peanut butter, one nearly came to grief in the second video!