2016 Notes

2016 Notes

9th August 2016
A herd of fallow deer including “Whitey” across the valley safely enjoying a breakfast meal of wheat in the video below

In the video below an adult Moorhen feeds with her two remaining chicks of her second brood.

A Mallard Duck seems none to keen on Moorhens in the video below.

7th August 2016
The badger emergence is around 9.30pm, the weather is warm and windy
In the short video below is it one fox and two badgers or three foxes??

In the video below two badgers have a tussle over a hand full of peanuts while two other badgers are waiting in the surrounding area!!

27th July 2016
A welcome light rain fall over night has brightened up the countryside around here!!
Our smallest pond bank seemed to attract many visitors yesterday and last night
Two very bright looking badgers

The Green Woodpecker

The ever present Jay

The bank of our largest pond attracted quite a few moorhens who did not seem to like being filmed!!

25th July 2016
A very warm week just passed causing tempers to fray!! (see the video below)

18th July 2016
A deer and badger evening yesterday my cameras picked up three stags and one large fallow deer doe plus three muntjac, there was also 2 foxes looking for food from 11pm onwards.
In the video below is a huge stag with wonderful antlers.

Two of the muntjacs very close to the camera in the video below.

15th July 2016
7 badgers seen out last evening at one time.
There is a tale to tell in the video below!!

It is another fox completely different to the other two foxes and easily identified by her tail
13th July 2016
The first badger was emerged at (see video below)

A relaxed brown hare was also around yesterday

12th July 2016
The badger emergence commenced at 9pm the previous night was 8.45pm
In the video below a young fox attempts to catch a rabbit in the entrance to an active badger sett!!

a Mallard duck in the short video below with her two remaining ducklings by our smallest pond.

11th July 2016
The young fox was here yesterday in daylight and again several times during the night there must be some attraction and most likely it is food.

8th July 2016
The first badger was out last night at 8.23pm.
A jay came to see us yesterday and for once came close to the camera for a minute!!

We now have two foxes one older than the other(see older fox in the video below)

3rd July 2016
The badger emergence starts at 9.20 pm with 5 badgers being seen out together.
A short summer video of a sniffing fox (below)

29th June 2016
The badger emergence last night was 9.05pm
Take a peek at what the Blackbirds were up to at 4.36am OUTSIDE one of our north boundary badger setts this morning in the video below

We cultivated or fallow arable land yesterday which attracted 3 Red Kites to come and feed on exposed earthworms.
Two of the Red kites can be seen in the video below:

18th June 2016
The badger emergence is around 9.30pm the weather is warm and sometimes very wet!
Two friendly badgers in the video below on the bank of one of our ponds eating food I left out for the ducks and moorhens

The mallard duck with three of her ducklings on the pond bank in the video below.

The muggy warm weather came to an abrupt halt overnight with persistent rain falling at 6.30am this morning!
The wildlife here has become very apparent with all species being very busy feeding youngsters regardless of obvious dangers.
There was obviously a litter of fox cubs born locally as one of them took up residence in our ” 4 Dogs flat” (click on the image to full size it)
The Fox at the dog flat window
The fox escapes after I shut our three younger dogs up!!

One of the young moorhens
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2016 Notes

2nd June 2016
A deer day! two herds of fallow deer here this morning and yesterday, a video of a young fallow deer “pricket” in the video below with some of the rest of the herd in the background.

My two old friends the French Partridges feeding around a badger sett yesterday (in the video below)

Some of the badgers are out in daylight (see video below and watch to the end) presumably because their emerge By emerging at 8am in daylight they achieve an extra hour!

Fallow deer including an in moult albino in the video below.

25th May 2016
The badger cubs are growing up (see video below)

Jackdaws and magpies do not always get on (see video below)

Badgers associating

23rd May 2016
What do badgers do in dark corners normally out of sight?(watch the video below)
The start of next years badger cubs hopefully

22nd May 2016
Fight night at a badger sett

A brief close up video of a deer that has been around here for the last two or three weeks on its own guess what type of deer it is

18th May 2016

A Green Woodpecker finds food around a badger sett entrance in the video below.

Two badgers out in daylight (the second badger is under the tree trunks in the distance)

Two Jackdaws collecting masses of nest building materials.

7 badgers seen out together last night

Two images taken by Aad Hoogesteger of one of our badger sows still lactating and no sign of her cubs (assuming she is from one of the watched setts)
(Triple click on the images to full size them)

A Badger Sow still lactating

A Badger Sow still lactating

a close up of the same badger

a close up of the same badger

Two woodpeckers in the image below:

This is my feeding ground says the green woodpecker, time you went elsewhere spotty

This is my feeding ground says the green woodpecker, time you went elsewhere spotty

Ok I am Off says spotty

Ok I am Off says spotty

Many thanks to Aad and Nicoline Hoogesteger for coming all the way from Holland to our badger-watch and contributing lots of great photographs to our web site with video footage to come in due course.

2016 Notes

May 9thth 2016
A pair of swallows arrived back here on the 4th May and immediately started looking around the inside of one of our barns for a nest site.
The two sets of badger cubs on our north part of the farm are progressing well, lots of play fights and following their mothers a little way from the setts looing for food.
Video below: The 3 badger cubs become much more active chasing each other around and play fighting

Video below: A badger cub is now aware of a flying insect

Video below: The badger cubs start looking/scraping for food

April 28th 2016
The badger sett on our northern boundary seems stable with the exception of the cubs emerging mid afternoon!!
see the first two videos below.

The next two videos depicts a badger war around one of our watched setts, the war has been going on all week (no badger cubs seen here yet no surprise there)

April 24th 2016
The badger cub in the other sett has two siblings (see video below)

April 23rd 2016
The badger cubs get stronger by the night! I have also spotted another badger cub in a sett close by this sett.

19th April 2016
After a couple of days and nights of “rough” weather the badger cubs emerged again for a longer period and looking stronger/more active
(take no notice of the times on the camera damp/water is not good for electronics and has altered the time)

This years cubs out and about again

This years cubs out and about again

15th April 2016

A truly wonderful sight from one of our satellite badger setts!!

The first badger cubs I have seen this year

The first badger cubs I have seen this year

(click on the image around three times to full size it)

This sett last year produced the first emerging badger cub this year after a warm winter at least three badger cubs have been produced.
I only set the camera outside the sett yesterday.

Hopefully there will be many more videos of this years badger cubs to come.

2016 Notes

14th April 2016
A sleepy badger and others in the videos below. (I have never in 20 plus years seen a badger having a sleep outside the sett

Midnight grooming by friendly badgers

A badger roll over!!

13th Aril 2016
Good sightings of a barn owl at 7pm close to the mobile home by our current visitors photo below

The Barn Owl hunting the orchard hedge in front of our Mobile Home. photographed by Elisabeth Hunt (many thanks for it)

The Barn Owl hunting the orchard hedge in front of our Mobile Home. photographed by Elisabeth Hunt (many thanks for it)

Not all of a badgers life is pleasant see short videos below

6th April 2016
The badger emergence is variable at the moment between 7.30pm and 11pm
One of our recent visitors reported a sighting of a lesser spotted woodpecker which surprised me, however the video below proves it

The greater spotted woodpecker is around twice the size of the lesser spotted woodpecker and has obvious wing marking differences to the lesser spotted woodpecker (see vide below of the greater spotted woodpecker)

2nd April 2016
The reason a badger is always on guard either in or outside the sett at this time of year when there is a possibility of cubs being in the sett is demonstrated in the short video below

1st April 2016
The closest badger to the camera ever and this is not an April fool joke

Below is a daylight badger looking/smelling around to see what is around before making an emergence

30th March 2016

How many stags are there in the herd of fallow deer across the valley from us this morning?

PLease note that “whitey” the albino is still with them!!

The badger emergence is now around 8pm

Our current visitors Bob & Lin spent half of yesterdays daylight hours watching a kingfisher fishing on our top pond (for sticklebacks) (photographs will be available next week)

Good sightings of buzzards and red kites enjoying free flight in the high winds.

a family of deer visited us recently.

The badgers are around their setts most of the time never leaving a sett unattended which is a sign of badger cubs being underground!!