2016 Notes

2016 Notes

March 21st 2016
The badger emergence is around 7.15pm
The badgers have been taking copious amounts of straw down into their setts which is a good indicator of badger cubs being present, together with the fact that my cameras show the presence of an adult badger being in or around the setts at all times, the guard duty is shared between the 4 adult occupants!

In the video below are a covey of red legged partridges passing the camera, it is the biggest covey of partridges I have ever seen on our farm.

March 14th 2016
The badger emergence is around 6.45pm
An interesting 28 seconds badger tussle in the video below

March 9, 2016
Tremendous rainfall here overnight (2-3 inches) and it is still raining flooding everywhere except. here as we are 450 feet above sea level
from yesterdays cameras

A Muntjac surrounded by wild birds all getting ready to start mating and then nesting

8th March 2016
The badgers emergence is slowly getting later now around 7.10 pm
The wild birds behaviour is changing as the 3 inches of snow that fell on Saturday night thawed letting spring arrive

The Fieldfare (triple click to get the enlarged image)


The very early Pheasant

2016 Notes

07 March 2016
A well scarred badger first to the rewards and from the furthest sett away from our badger hides

05 March 2016
3 inches of snow overnight!
A snowy badger

04 March 2016
A pair of partridges inspecting an exceptional badger sett entrance here, they spent 2 hours doing the inspection

The badger emergence is around 6-6.30 pm
I have seen 4 badgers out at the same sett entrance at 6.30pm (see video)just before the rain started last evening.
The weather has turned warmer with blustery showers.
I am pleased to say that I am having to refill my five wild bird feeders every day!!

The greater spotted wood pecker is drumming on the trees every morning!!(in between visits to the peanut feeder)

2016 Notes

The badger emergence is back to 6.10pm

The weather cold with an easterly wind two nights ago -9c

However the sun has been out during the day and NO rain, the bird population seems to be increasing by the day, I saw 7 red kites looking for worms on a field that was being cultivated yesterday.

Below is a photo of two Green Woodpeckers and a video of one of them looking for food (click on the image to full size it)

Two green woodpeckers on the bank of one of our ponds

Two green woodpeckers on the bank of one of our ponds

A Cock Pheasant inspects a newly opened badger sett on our farm boundary




2016 Notes

The current badger emergence is 7.50pm
As I was walking across one of our fields with my dogs this morning I found a small leveret under a weed that the dogs had walked past, I so nearly trod on it that the leveret was forced to move!! The dogs were then aware of it so I had no choice but to pick it up. I marked the spot with my walking stick took the dogs home and quickly returned the Leveret to the underside of the weed in the field where it had been hiding. I saw no sight of the adult Hare on either occasion but feel confident that the leveret has a good chance of survival.

The leveret in complete submission "Hands Up"

The leveret in complete submission “Hands Up”

The leveret not much bigger than my hand so born in the last two weeks  or so

The leveret not much bigger than my hand so born in the last two weeks or so