2017 Notes

2017 Notes

Badger emergence around 9pm to 9.30pm

In the video below two badgers do not seem happy with each other?

Two foxes on a badger cub hunt?

I saw this happen last year and the foxes were not successful and one of them lost its tail in the fracas

2017 Notes

The badger emergence is now around 8.15 pm and they are back in the sett by 5.15am

A short video below of how the badger destroys the wood pile to find a few peanuts.

See the Vixen (who has cubs by the look of her underneath) retreat from “Whitey’s” herd I the video below

2017 Notes

6th April 2017

The badger emergence is between 9pm and 10pm

We had several visits from healthy looking wildlife in daylight yesterday which were captured on our cameras,to see what they were have a look at the videos below.

You will see in the first video I am pleased to report that we now have two albino’s


2017 Notes

March 27th 2017
A cool easterly wind but dry under foot at the moment the badger emergence was 7.30pm until the clocks changed!!
I have been seeing red kites and buzzards every day making full use of the stiff easterly wind, the small bird feeders (6 of them) are being emptied on a daily basis by a wide variety of birds including jays , greater spotted wood peckers and the lesser spotted wood peckers, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, etc etc while on the ground underneath yellow hammers chaffinches , black birds ,sparrows etc clear up what the feeders above don’t want.

A recent series of short badger videos below which are pretty much self explanatory: