2018 Notes

2018 Notes

The badger emergence is now around 10.15pm
The badger sett to the north side of our farm has produced 4 healthy cubs.
We have been visited by the albino fallow deer and the rest of her followers (see videos below)

The badger emergence time is varied, last night it was late well after dark nearer 11pm than 10pm possibly due to a shower of late rain which brought a lot of slugs to the grass surface which would have interested the badgers.
In the video below we have a female badger up with her 4 cubs:

Then in the next video below the male badger (one eye) takes control/protection while mum is off feeding:

The video below is the first time I have ever seen badger cubs feeding from their mother above ground:

The 4 badger cubs are out having fun in the three videos below:

One of my cameras was upside down with a broken stand this morning but as the last photo was in daylight it was NOT the fault of the cubs more likely a male Roe Deer .
The fox cubs have now increased in numbers to three!! and are now getting much more active and are above ground from 10pm until 3.30am I am just wondering how their mum (a Vixen) manages to avoid the camera??

The badger cubs continue to rapidly grow and their movability is dramatically altered since last week (see videos below)

The badger now with 4 cubs emerge with their mum “One eye” in the video below:

The fox cubs seem to take longer to get active but are starting to move around more briskly,The fox cubs or their parents seem to have ousted the badgers that were resident in the sett that they are occupying as I have not seen a badger emerge from the sett for a while.
(see video below)

A badger with fox cubs?? I have heard that they will live together underground but In have also seen foxes hunting and catching and eating young badger cubs!!

A badger leaves an active badger sett situated behind a walnut tree

A badger leaves an active badger sett situated behind a walnut tree

A little later on the two very small fox cubs appear at the entrance of the same sett!!!

An absolute delight to see 3 well grown healthy badger cubs on the video below this morning, they are located in a sett away from the hides at the North end of our farm being watched by their mum from the sett entrance.

The badger emergence is now around 9pm due to summer time alterations, nothing to do with the badgers, none of the clocks on the cameras have been reset.
In the video below are two deer young and old males presumably trying to ascertain who is the top male going round and round an active badger sett. I had a brief glimpse of the larger male hobbling in a later video taken on a different camera.

The badger emergence is around 8pm the badgers refreshed their sett with straw bedding before the constant rain. (they must have known it was coming)
Videos below a couple of badgers looking for food hidden around their play ground and a pair of muntjacs looking at ease during daylight.

The badgers are out of their sett starting at 7pm
In the video below are the two NEW residents in the badger sett just behind our walnut tree in front of our two main hides.

The badgers were emerged by 7.30pm last night and “Hungry” (see video below)

A late fall of snow covered all of our flowering daffodils but did not stop a herd of 20 plus fallow deer from visiting the badger arena for a quick munch on any exposed grass. (see video below)

A good looking fox with its fur fully extended picks up a dead mouse (or part of one) as it is that hungry.(see video below)

23rd February 2018
The badgers are outside the running water hide around 7pm for the early badger 8pm for the next and too late for a peanut the 10pm badger. They have now been outside the hide every night for the past 6 weeks.
In the video below is a Red fox (male) towards the end of the video he strikes and appears to have caught his lunch or at least a snack.

10th February 2018
The effort that the badger puts in to obtain a hand full of peanuts is seen in the video below

8th February 2018
The badger emergence is around 6.30pm.
We now have one active sett in front of the badger watching hides hopefully with cubs as the female occupant did not appear at the feeding point for 4 consecutive evenings which at this time of year is a pointer to cubs being born. We also have 4 active setts on the north side of the farm.
The missing female has now resumed her early evening pickup of the hand full of peanuts and fortunately at 7 pm before the other 3 badgers arrived at 8.55pm. See video below of the late arrival badgers.

The birds are starting to sing so spring cannot be far away although the temperature was -6c last night
18th September 2017

The badger emergence is now between 9pm and 11pm depending on the weather with the badgers seeemingly ULTRA CAUTIOUS
A barn owl was seen by one of our recent visitors in an owl box in daylight situated on our boundary by our smallest pond

the barn owl in the entrance to its box

the barn owl in the entrance to its box

Many thanks “Mo” for sharing you experience and the photograph.

The badger emergence is around 10.35pm
The August “Badger Dance”
(in the video below)

A Muntjac fawn in the video below gives its mum a lot of exercise!!!

A badger shows its strength and determination in the video below to obtain a hand full of peanuts

Two of this years badger cubs play fighting on the bank of our smallest pond.

A mallard duck with at least 5 ducklings on its way to the local brook (a field away) visits our smallest and last pond on the farm for a feed and a rest before setting off across a bare grass field to the river Sib (brook).

A Brown Hare in “good condition” on the bank of one of our top ponds.

Brown Hare

Brown Hare