2017 Notes

The badger emergence is around 9pm
In the video below you will see what happens if a badger cub ignores its parents request!!

On a brighter note watch the badger cub when visitors arrive in the video below.

2017 Notes

The badger emergence is now (see the video below)

Looks like a mother with a single STRONG badger cub born in a sett on our northern farm boundary

Our current visitors Shane & Charlotte watching the wildlife this week have very kindly given me some excellent video clips taken yesterday of badgers and a fox which are self explanatory.
The videos were taken from our “Top” badger hide
Many thanks to Shane and Charlotte

2017 Notes

Badger emergence around 9pm to 9.30pm

In the video below two badgers do not seem happy with each other?

Two foxes on a badger cub hunt?

I saw this happen last year and the foxes were not successful and one of them lost its tail in the fracas

2017 Notes

The badger emergence is now around 8.15 pm and they are back in the sett by 5.15am

A short video below of how the badger destroys the wood pile to find a few peanuts.

See the Vixen (who has cubs by the look of her underneath) retreat from “Whitey’s” herd I the video below